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Daily Schedule – The Reality

6:15 AM – Still asleep

6:30 AM – Hit snooze button for the first time

7:00 AM – Realize the day is approaching regardless of how I feel about it

7:30 AM – Wake-up by scrolling through my Facebook timeline. Judge people.

8:00 AM – Get a shower and get dressed

8:30 AM – Stop for coffee even if it means getting into the office after 9:00

9:15 – Noon – Try to keep my head above water, get distracted be several IM’s, calls, and urgent messages

Noon – Eat lunch out – most likely at a Mexican restaurant where I suffer mouth abrasions from tortilla chips

1:00 – 5:00 – Get 1 or 2 things done and feel a fleeting sense of accomplishment

5:00 – Regret not getting to work earlier so I could be home by now

5:45 – Decide tonight is not the night for my monthly work-out

6:30 – Drink a protein shake accompanied by a half-bottle of wine (feel like that’s showing restraint)

7:30 – Watch TV

8:00 – Start playing PS4

9:00 – Promise I’ll only play 30 more minutes

9:30 – Lie to myself about how tired I am

10:00 – Finally put down the PS4 controller because it’s out of battery and I’m too far away to plug it in

10:30 – Lie awake…vowing that tomorrow will be different