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Daily Schedule – The Fantasy

Best Laid Plans:

6:15 AM – Wake-up rested and ready for a beautiful new day

6:30 AM – CompleteĀ a mindfulness exercise (yoga, meditation, etc.) to begin my day

7:00 AM – Prepare a delicious breakfast of avocado toast with a side of fruit

7:30 AM – Leave my house to catch the bus for work

8:00 AM – Settle into my cubicle with a mug of hot tea

8:15 – Noon – Generally crush it at work and provide value to clients, support for colleagues, and innovative ideas to help improve processes

Noon – Enjoy a fresh lunch that I brought into the office that is high in protein, vegetarian, and full of highly nutritious ingredients

1:00 – 5:00 – Continue to be a patient, focused, flexible teammate beloved by all

5:00 – Walk home to enjoy the weather and get warmed up for my work-out

5:45 – Work-out at the neighborhood gym

6:30 – Cook a filling meal that involves fair-trade quinoa and kalettes

7:30 – Write a blog post, journal entry, or letter to a dear friend

8:00 – Unwind with some television

9:00 – Awareness of breath meditation

9:30 – Read

10:00 – Get ready for bed

10:30 – Fall asleep effortlessly