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Insanity and Nashville

So, I’ve started Week 4 of Insanity and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve only missed 2 days and have been pretty faithful in my eating.  I do think I could push myself a tad harder during the workouts and I’ve definitely NOT been cutting out alcohol as much as I should.  The main culprit has been beer which I should never have started drinking in the first place.  Anyhow, I’m taking pictures of my progress like the guide says and if I’m happy with the results I fully intend to post the obligatory photo progression Youtube video.  I’ve had some people say they can already see some results which is pretty cool; however, they could just be saying it to make me feel good about myself.  Either way, I’ll take it!

The vegetarian thing is going well.  My chemist friend freaked me out a bit by saying I would be missing some amino acids and would eventually lose the enzymes to process meat, but I got some second opinions and I think I’ll be okay.  The key really is diversifying my diet and so far I’ve been successful.  Pasta has been a big thing lately, but only because I love it so much.  I’ve gotten good at making some excellent grilled asparagus too.

My trip to Nashville this weekend was ridiculously awesome.  Friday night I got in and picked up my friend from work to head to dinner at Rosepepper in East Nashville.  You will need a reservation if you plan on getting there after 7.  The margaritas were awesome and we followed up our meal with ice cream at Jeni’s.  I was uncomfortably full on the way to the concert.

The Katy Perry concert was pretty good, but the highlight for me was Janelle Monáe.  She is ridiculously talented and I cannot wait to go see her again.  After a transition by DJ Skeet Skeet, Katy Perry performed and did not disappoint.  The show is over the top and I didn’t know all the songs as I’m not a diehard fan.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she can actually sing and was really great to her fans.  I just wish she showcased her actual vocal talents more.  However, until that becomes more marketable she will have to stick with the silly, “fun” songs.

Saturday we headed downtown and watched the Dragon Boat races for a bit before heading to The Gulch district for sushi with an old friend.  I had a blast at lunch and the sushi was quite good.  We ended up there towards the end of the buffet closing so they gave us a couple of boxes to load up with whatever we wanted!  I had to decline because I didn’t have a fridge handy, but our lunch companions stocked up.  After lunch we headed to Las Paletas gourmet popsicles.  They were quite good and I will definitely go back, but they are not that different from the ones you can get here in Memphis off Winchester, or at a variety of mom and pop shops in Mexico.  I guess the whole concept of them being handmade is what’s so appealing, plus, they are damn tasty on an extra hot day.  After Las Paletas we went to some cool little shops and thrift stores before watching the sunset while picnicking at Arrington Vineyards.  After a pit-stop to shower and change we hit the town once more to chill at Patterson House and then go dancing.  We got home around 4 a.m.  All said, it was a brilliant 36 hours in our neighbor city.