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Back Again

Well, for the 0 people who read this blog, I’m back.  I had some trouble with WordPress and made several big mistakes that forced me to have to restore the site twice.  I use the term “restore” lightly, because what it really meant was copying all of my old posts I had saved in a Word document into “New” posts and then changing the date.  That was fun.

I’m back in Memphis for a bit and it’s nice to be here.  I’ve not used all of my time wisely.   I still waste a bunch online when I could be cleaning or organizing or doing whatever else is on my life “to-do”.

The big things going on are my conversion to vegetarianism (which I may write about more later) and Insanity!  Insanity is a DVD workout program that I’m 2 weeks through.  It’s pretty much all cardio which is good because I have some fat to burn.

Hope life is well for you.

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  1. Good luck with the vegetarianism! Didn’t you try once before? Or was it that you were thinking of trying?

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