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The Great White North

In December and January I spent a decent amount of time in Canada.  First was a trip to Edmonton where I learned how fantastic heating parking garages are.  January was a short vacation in Montreal.  A friend of mine studies at McGill so I went up for a visit.  While there I climbed Mont Royal, explored the old city, saw some amazing churches, ate at Schwartz’s, saw some fireworks, and in general had a lovely time.  The city oozes charm.

While in Canada I made a few observations:

  • DVR’s are called PVR’s (Personal Video Recorder)
  • Straws are narrower in diameter (possibly because free refills are not as common?)
  • They have Aerobars which are my favorite candy bar
  • Cott’s Black Cherry Soda is amazing
  • Lifesavers are better there (future blog post)