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Lifesavers have always been one of my favorite candies.  While they tend to appeal to the Werther’s crowd, as a child I loved them.  I have fond memories of the 5 delicious flavors: Lime, Pineapple, Cherry, and some others.  Really, all I cared about was LIME.  I LOVED THEM. However, in 2003 a tragic decision was made to replace my favorite flavor with a disgusting alternative…WATERMELON.  I HATE watermelon flavored things.  I throw them away as they are an insult to my palette.

For years I lived life dejected, wondering if I would ever taste the magic of Lime Lifesavers again.  Then, in 2010 I made a startling discovery.  According to Wikipedia “The original five-flavor lineup is still sold in Canada.”  Determined, I applied for and obtained a new job that would ensure I would travel to Canada.*  Finally, in December 2010 I was reunited with my beloved.