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Old People Keep Screwing Us

This afternoon I was reading about Jeff Session’s racism blocking him from being appointed to a Federal judgeship. The fact that Jeff Sessions is a racist is a shock to literally 0 percent of the population. What WAS shocking to me is that all this drama went down in 1986. THAT IS THE YEAR I WAS BORN!!! Why on earth has this scumbag been allowed to continue having a career for 30 more years!? He should be playing shuffleboard in a condo down in Boca. Instead he is awaiting appointment to the position of Chief Civil Liberty Destroyer Attorney General of the United States of America.

More than any other divide in this country (race, class, geography, etc.) I’m becoming more and more convinced the most polarizing is the generational divide. Young people are being completely screwed by baby boomers and we are currently powerless to stop it. However, that’s about to change and I’m optimistic this election has been a wake-up call to people my age and younger that we need get our shit together and insert ourself into the political process. While the deck may be stacked against us, the political process is just that, a process. Processes can be analyzed for strengths and weaknesses. They can be understood and navigated. We must shake off our apathy and start learning how to play and win this game. Demographics are rapidly moving in our favor and when combined with proper mobilization we shall be a force to be reckoned with. Together we must wrest control of our governance from our elders who have already done irrevocable harm to our planet. Harm which they won’t have to deal with because they will be dead before Florida is underwater. They are leaving one horror show after another as our inheritance and it’s time to rewrite the will.

I’m already counting down the days to the 2018 election.