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Fitness Dreams

“Getting fit” is a perpetual goal that I never seem to achieve. However, upon reflection (i.e. looking at photos from 2011/12) I realize that once upon a time I was in moderately good shape. I read somewhere that we constantly complain about our bodies when in the future we will only miss the body we have now. That paraphrasing could probably be better.

Culturally I find there is a strong tendency to talk about food in moral terms. “Good” vs “bad” are being replaced by “clean” vs “unclean.” Apparently we’ve gone back to Old Testament times and moral codes based on diet. Despite my best efforts, I am not immune to describing food in these weighted terms which adds greater significance to “failure” when I have a few Oreos or eat a bagel for breakfast. If you ever hear me describe myself as “eating clean” you can punch me.

With my 30th birthday approaches I’ve decided to give fitness another shot. As my pant size has crept up and my neckties have become more difficult to wear, I realize that a change has to be made. My Adam’s apple will be visible again! To that end, I’ve started a 22 day fitness challenge that is all-plant based. I’m on Day 3 and have not died yet. I’ll post some thoughts about it soon.