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New Home

I’m slowly coming around to Nashville.  The city and I have been slow to warm up to each other.  Fear of leaving my first love has kept me stand offish and afraid to fully embrace this new city.  After realizing that I was being a bit of a hater I’ve decided to take a look on the positive side.

Things I like about Nashville:

– The outline of the city as you approach downtown.  Memphis lacked this due to topography.  You could only appreciate the view coming from Arkansas across the bridge.  Now I get to see a great view driving 30 seconds up my street.

– Local restaurants.  I’m very happy with the wide variety of food choices across the city.  I’ve yet to have a bad experience dining out.

– Hills.  Memphis is flat.  I like the views and beauty the hills provide.

– Shopping.  I know it’s shallow, but I love the Whole Foods, West Elm, and Container Store here.  Shopping options from groceries to furniture are much more diverse.

– Flights.  MEM is unfortunately clinging to life after being slowly beaten down by Delta.  BNA is thriving with a LOT of cheap Southwest options.  Still not a major hub, but definitely a place to find a deal.

– Live music.  To the detriment of Memphis, Nashville gets a lot of touring shows.  I’ve been to the Ryman three times already and have seen acts that I would otherwise not have had the chance to see.


Maybe I’ll make room in my heart for this city after all.