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New Experiences

Dear Reader(s)

Life has been a bit hectic lately.  Here is a list of awesome things that have occurred since I last updated you.

  • Saw 2 play-off games at the Forum
  • Enjoyed the epic Mumford and Sons at Beale Street Music Fest
  • Saw Spamalot at the Orpheum
  • Reunited with old friends at Bosco’s
  • Explored BBQ Fest for the first time
  • Hosted friends from out of town two weekends in a row
  • Had breakfast at Brother Juniper’s for the first time
  • Turned 25
  • Made some great progress on some non-profit volunteer stuff
  • Ate lots of ice cream cake
  • Tried the new Honey Jack Daniels (I want to add it to a vanilla milkshake)
  • Shared some bottles of Puerto Rican rum
  • Went to Beale Street for the first time

The last three make me sound like much more of a partier than I really am.  To summarize, my life has been awesome, but awesomely busy.  I’m going to get some quality alone time in the near future or run the risk of overloading.

See you around town.  The month of May is pretty amazing in Memphis.  Go do something new!